Fine Japanese Watches


December 17th, 2012

G-Shock GX-56As we all know that the G-Shock is the toughest watch in the world. But there are people who do not believe in their powers. Casio has decided to test the new collection of Casio G-Shock watch GX-56. GX-56 is aggressively looking, big and for what we got used to when it comes of  a Casio watches very thin G-Shock’a watch. At present there are 4 different colors avaliable. Two black, one red and one purple, This series is limited under the auspices of a group of DGK. The basic package features include of course a stopwatch, timer, five alarms and auto illuminator. The immune function can include even more enhanced anti-shock (G-Shock) and seal against dirt and mud immersion – MUD Resist. A useful addition might be a built-in solar panel. Casio is not anxiouse of their watches. Often were subjected to a depth of 200m of water, freezing in a block of  ice, exposed to high vibration or even periodically struck a pneumatic hammer. After each of the steps we could read one slogan “still working”.  G shock is resistant for: water, humidity, pressure shocks, vibrations, low and high temperature even radiation and many, many more.

October 19th, 2012

Casio PRW-1500-1VThis watch is Excellent! Each model in a Protrek series   is equipped with a thermometer, pressure gauge, and a very accurate compass. It has digital time synchronization (Waveceptor) and a solar panel for charging the battery. Quartz mechanism is powered by a solar battery. It has a very high accuracy of  timing + / – 10 seconds in 30 days.  Strap is made ​​of plastic material, front of the watch is covered by high quality hardened mineral crystal. This particular model is water resistance up to 200m, resistance to constant contact with water during activities such as swimming or scuba diving. It is not recommended to press the buttons under  water, because the water droplets can get into the mechanism. Function FULL AUTO ILLUMINTAOR it is a uniform illumination across the face of the watch. Illumination is achieved in two ways: automatically by directing hand towards the face or by pressing a the button. However, the illumination is avaliable only when the surrounding environment is not light enough or when it is completely dark.  This watch got some extra features as altimeter giving the current altitude on the basis of of the relative pressure measurements.  Data  can be displayed in English or metric system. This model is quite popular worldwide. People say that many Russian Escorts in Dubai wear such watches.

October 16th, 2012

Citizen Promaster Sky Eco-Drive Radio ControlledEco-Drive is a flagship watch line of this famous Japan company. One of the best known watches of this series is gents watch Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive AS4050-51E. The airborne Eco-Drive series.  This perfectly designed watch is fully equipped with many useful features. The most spectacular one is so called Eco-Drive system, which allows the watch to work in total darkness for a period of six months from a full battery charge. In addition watch is equipped with the system of auto-tuning time over the airwaves this system is built on the basis of the signals received from the atomic standardizations clocks. The watch has got an indication of low battery level, case and silver bracelet is made ​​of extremely light weight and durable titanium material. Watch is water resistant up to 200m. It Is also equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covering the front of the watch. Hands of the clock and indexes are coated with luminescent. Envelope is made of titanium. Face of the watch is black.
Shape of the watch is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Its width of the envelope is 1,73 inch, case thickness is 0,47 inch. Give you the guarantee of the best  ergonomics .

October 12th, 2012

SEIKO JY0080-62ESince the beginning of the company in 1881, Seiko offers the one revolutionary product after another – starting with the production of the first wristwatch in Japan in 1913, to develop the first quartz watch in the world in 1969.
Quartz mechanism is powered by solar battery and has function of charge indicator thanks to this indicator you can easily control the level of the  power of the battery. Glass is made of sapphire crystal which is durable and scratch resistant. Date indicator with extended functionality indicates the current day, week and even month name. Stopwatch counts up to 24 hours with an accuracy of 1/100 second you can also use it as a timer. Thanks to this watch you will be able to see what time currently is in two different time zones this is possible at the same time. SEIKO JY0080-62E has got beautiful case and bracelet made of anti-allergic titanium, very light and durable material. This watch is designed to be comfortable that is why the case size is 1,8 inch width and 0,59 inch of  thickness.  Watch is water resistant up to 20 atmospheres so you can easily swim or dive with it on your hand. Watch is water resistant up to 20 atmospheres so you can easily swim or dive with it on your hand. With this chronometer you can also dive in the nightlife of the city.